Proud to Be Hippie

Country singer/songwriter Merle Haggard died recently at age 79. You may recall that one of his most famous songs refers to San Francisco. This anti-hippie anthem was released in September 1969.

Haggard was quoted in a magazine saying, “When I was in prison, I knew what it was like to have freedom taken away. Freedom is everything. During Vietnam, there were all kinds of protests. Here were these [servicemen] going over there and dying for a cause — we don’t even know what it was really all about. And here are these young kids, that were free, bitching about it. There’s something wrong with that and with [disparaging] those poor guys.”

He was born in Oildale, California and died at his home just outside of Redding, California. So he was never an Okie from Muskogee.

At the time the original song was released, the Youngbloods band wrote and recorded a response to Haggard’s song. This song is not as not as famous but worthy of a listen.

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