Time to Say Thank You

Veterans Day is only one day a year. But is it never too late to say thank you for your service to all of our veterans. It is a fact that the veterans from the Vietnam War in the 1960s did not receive a rousing welcome home after their service. Here is a clip of long overdue tribute:

In 1968, Congress passed a law designating the fourth Monday of October as the official date of Veterans Day. However, November 11 had been the date since 1926. The date signified the 11th hour of the 11th day of the 11th month that officially ended World War I, and it was called Armistice Day. The first USA celebration called Veterans Day was November 11, 1947, with Congress codifying that new name in 1954. The reason for changing the date in 1968 was to give Americans a three-day weekend. But there was a revolt. November 11 had historical significance, so in 1978, Congress changed the date back to November 11.

The reason for naming a day to express gratitude to our veterans has not changed in more than 65 years. We can all choose small and large gestures of gratitude. Here’s a short clip offering one idea:

There are many veterans’ organizations that need support. My favorite is a grass roots organization called Huey Vets (http://hueyvets.com/ ) created by Vietnam veterans here in the Bay Area. They have restored a Huey helicopter to show people how they served in the late 1960s. They are hoping to restore another “slick,” as the helicopter was called. If you can help, please contact them.

Best wishes,