Vacation at Home

Get ready to welcome the world to San Francisco. According to the San Francisco Travel Association, we can expect more than 8 million people to visit our City this summer. Many of them will touch down at SFO. Air travel in the 1960s was considered glamorous. And to entice people to buy tickets, Pan American World Airways created a promotional film to show folks what they could see and do in the best Pan Am destinations. Here is a clip about San Francisco from a Pan Am film in the1960s:

In the 1960s, Pan Am was the largest international air carrier in the world. In 1963, in the film “From Russia with Love,” James Bond tells Moneypenny to book his trip on, “Pam Am as always.” The airline brought the Beatles to New York for their first trip to the USA in 1964. By 1968, the airline had routes to 85 countries. Sadly, Pan Am went out of business in 1991.

Air travel in the 1960s meant dressing up to board a plane, no security procedures, real food served to all passengers, and charming, attractive stewardesses trained to provide gracious service onboard all flights. If you would like to relive this bygone era, here are a couple of suggestions:

Turner Classic movies offers a DVD of the 1963 film, “Come Fly with Me.” Here is a clip:

And from 2011 to 2012, the television show “Pan Am” aired on ABC. All of the episodes in the one and only season can be streamed to your computer from Amazon. Here is a clip:

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