Virtual-Fun-Break with San Francisco Treasures

It’s January in a new year. Time to get serious about setting goals about health and work. However, you can take a virtual-fun-break with two San Francisco treasures. One is gone, but the other lives on.

Playland at the Beach opened in 1928 on 10 acres across the Great Highway from Ocean Beach. The official greeter for the Fun House was Laffing Sal (yes, that is the correct spelling), one of the original “animatrons” in the country. Playland closed on Labor Day weekend in 1972. A local documentary film maker, Tom Wyrsch, produced the only documentary film about the park with the help of local historians. Here is the trailer for the film:

The It’s-It ice cream sandwich was born at Playland in 1928. Then park owner George Whitney put vanilla ice cream between two oatmeal cookies and dipped the sandwich in chocolate. It was sold exclusively at Playland for four decades. It disappeared when the park was demolished to be reborn in 1974 in a small shop in San Francisco. In 1976, production began at a manufacturing plant just off Highway 101 south of San Francisco. Now the It’s-It is available in 15 states. And you can “Like” it on Facebook.

Here is a video about how the treat is made. The video is calorie-free, so enjoy:

Best wishes,