Wishing You Peace and Love

Photo courtesy of ABC7News.com

As we close another year, music lives on. Do you remember this?

In 1960, San Francisco’s KSFO radio started airing this jingle. But as the Bay Area Radio Museum (http://bayarearadio.org/audio/ksfo/ksfo_sound-of-the-city.shtml) says, “ ‘The Sound of the City’ was not simply a jingle for KSFO, sung the by a men’s chorus; it was also an ode that nearly attained the status of a civic anthem to the beautiful City By the Bay.”

There is another song that brings us back to the 1960s. Sung by Philip Wallach Blondheim, who you may know as Scott McKenzie, this hit single invited thousands of people to San Francisco. In 1967, this became the anthem for the 1960s generation.

Sadly, Scott left us on August 18, 2012. I have posted this song as the last entry of the year a few times. And it remains the most requested.

May the New Year bring peace and love to the whole world,