You Don’t Own Me

There was lots of well-deserved homage paid to Lesley Gore, 1960s singer and songwriter, who died February 16 at the age of 68. Her most famous song was about a lost love. “It’s My Party” climbed the charts to number one in 1963 when Gore was 16-years-old:

Lesley Sue Goldstein was a teenager when Quincy Jones discovered her. She followed up with “Judy’s Turn to Cry,” where the lost love returns. Her other hit was a song that became a feminist anthem. In the 1960s, women were just beginning to claim their human rights. Here is, “You Don’t Own Me” in 1964:

Gore has a unique connection to San Francisco. When Pier 39 opened in 1978, a shop called “It’s My Parsley” sold kitchenware. The name was a play on Gore’s hit song and was owned by Gore and operated her then girlfriend. In 2005, Gore came out as a lesbian and explained that she never made any effort to keep her sexual orientation a secret.

“You Don’t Own Me” was used in the 1996 movie, “First Wives Club,” and in a PSA supported by Gore in 2012 to rally support for women’s reproductive rights. Here is Bette Midler, Goldie Hawn and Diane Keaton in the movie version:

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